Balotelli gives reason why Messi cannot be GOAT compared to Ronaldo

Balotelli Remind The World What Makes Cristiano Ronaldo Goat

Mario Balotelli had stir up aggressive fight between the two world best players. In a statement released, he gave his support to one player while he insulted the second player.

Balotelli who love the idea of proving yourself in all nature of football and making a difference that is vivid as supported Cristiano will to make a change in challenge and erase all excuse of him been helped by some set of people to achive greatness.

He condemn Messi excuse to avoid his throne been put to test under different conditions.

“I would rather win 2 Ballon d’Ors with 2 different clubs like Cristiano Ronaldo than win 5 or 6 Golden Balls with one club. What’s the point of spending a whole career in one club and saying I’m the best really it’s shameful.”

A lot of people had considered this statement as a threat to the peace among the two players. It is obvious that he was actually condemning the choice of Messi staying with Barcelona and winning trophies

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Credit: samukoko

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