Coronavirus Pandemic proves the absence of Insensitive and Compassionate leadership in Nigeria

Coronavirus Pandemic proves the absence of Insensitive and Compassionate leadership in Nigeria

Situation and Hard times reveals the true leadership qualities and abilities of a leader, desperate times require desperate measures.

The recent challenges been faced by many countries of the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been made many countries rise up to the occasion, roiling steps and measure to stop the spread of the virus and also stem out the disease from their respective countries

Nigeria as a country has opportunity to act before the virus ever shows itself our ports or borders but like always Nigeria Government has never prepared for anything.

Nigeria has the opportunity to restrict the border and airport movements and deploys all the possible testing mechanism there to detect the virus but reverse is the case here, the Government waited for it to come to our shores.

Nigeria first case was an Italian man who came in was detected after he has moved from Lagos to Ogun state and that continue to be the case as about 55 of the Country’s currently reported 65 cases are imported, something that could have been avoided if the government has been proactive in the first place.

Africa as a continent has time to prepare, Nigeria as a country had time to prepare and avoid this but as always it does not act when it had time to do so and made its citizens vulnerable as usual.

And since after the first and second and few cases have been reported, the government could restrict movement within states, minimize the risk of the virus spreading but that wasn’t an option until the virus rapidly spread among the states to quickly to what the country is dealing with now.

After the Coronavirus has spread among countries, Many has also roll out economic plan to help its citizens cushion the economic effect of the Covid-19 on its citizens as this has affect them badly, many has lost their jobs already as a result of companies laying them off.

Canada, US, UK and the likes have announced economic relieve packages for their respective citizens who the government ordered to stay at hole in other to be able to curb the spread of the virus 

A recent example is the president of Kanye Uhuru Kenyata who announced 80% price slashed of his salary and his cabinet members, with some other govt officials following the leadership example 

President Kenyata did this in other to be able to give economic incentives to Kenyans during their stay home period 

The leadership of Nigeria has been zigzagging in this case, there have been various uncoordinated messages from the country’s federal government and various state governments.

Lagos state the worst hit state among the state has taken drastic measures and response proactively as a state to curb the spread of the virus but there efforts may not effectively without some proactive measure by the federal government.

Another sad development in the country during these hard times is when the lower chambers of the country’s federal legislators, the house of reps took the deliveries of Camry 2020 to be shared among its members

This also shows the extent to which the Government  careless about Nigerians and are only concerned about themselves.

The cost of the Toyota Camry is said to be around $25000 and we have over 360 reps members in the country 

Desperate and hard times did not reveal the leadership qualities, compassion and how much it care about it citizens but it shows how much they are callous and less concerned about Nigerians.

Ayinlade Sikiru

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