Ighalo reveals 3 Players he can’t wait to play alongside in United attack

Odion Ighalo’s trainer says he’s been raving about three ‘fantastic’ Manchester United players

Odion Ighalo looks on after Manchester United's Premier League clash with Manchester City
Odion Ighalo is desperate to extend his stay at Manchester United (Picture: Getty)

Odion Ighalo’s trainer says the striker is relishing the chance to play alongside Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood and has been telling him just how ‘fantastic’ the trio have been since he joined Manchester United according to Metro

Eyebrows were raised when the Red Devils completed a loan move for Ighalo towards the end of the January transfer window, but the 30-year-old hit back at his doubters by scoring four goals in eight games before the coronavirus pandemic brought English football to a halt.

It’s understood Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is keen to make Ighalo’s deal permanent this summer but the crisis and it’s financial repercussions means United now have reservations about extending the Nigerian’s stay.

The Premier League giants would have to complete a permanent £20million move by the end of May after loan talks with Shanghai Shenhua broke down.

A lifelong United supporter, Ighalo’s work ethic has never been in question since he arrived at Old Trafford and his trainer Ekemini Ekerette insists he’s never worked with an athlete as ‘passionate’ as the forward.

‘He’s a wonderful athlete, I’ve never seen someone more passionate about their job than him,’ Ekemini Ekerette told Goal .

‘I think he’s in excellent physical condition.

He loves the game.

He just wants to train.

Even if the league wasn’t going to played in the next three months he would keep training every day.

He is so disciplined.

‘His future was not making a difference to his intensity in training.

He is just always focused on making sure he’s doing what he needs to do and then pushing himself even further.’

According to Ekerette, Ighalo has been raving about Rashford, Martial and Greenwood and getting the opportunity to play alongside such attacking talent.

‘He’s a team player and has been talking about Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, and how fantastic they all are, so he’s looking forward to hopefully getting to play with Rashford,’ he added.

‘He wants to stay and loves United, Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] and the fans and he would love to be a Red for the rest of his life.’

Ekerette insists Ighalo would be fit and ready to play if the Premier League restarts in the near future.

‘He’s a beast and he is ready to go right back into the game. He is a very passionate guy and you can tell that in the way he trains,’ he continued.

‘Solskjaer has been happy with him from what Ighalo has told me but he always thinks and knows he can do more and he’s ready to give more.

‘We’ve been working on a lot of strength work and then he’s been able to do ball drills too.’

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