The bitter truth Sanusi told that cost him the throne

Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the so called former Emir of Kano, addressed some vital and crucial issues affecting the Noethern part of Nigeria and he suggested the possible solutions to those problems.

However, the consequences of him telling the truth is dethronement. What a pathetic generation? Below is the quotation of the Emir where he addressed those issues:

” if you’re a government or leader in the North and you’re seeing as normal in the sense that you continue to do what your predecessors have been doing which has been normalized, there is something wrong with you. You’re part of the problem.”

” …. If we have been investing on infrastructural facilities, may be we should invest more on education. ”

Furthermore, he said what El-rufai is doing in Kaduna state towards education is the only thing that can safe the north from destroying. He said if the north doesn’t change, the north will destroy itself.

Looking at the above statements about positive change that Sanusi is advocating for, what then is the offense he committed to have deserve dethronement? Anyway, he even said that all what he was saying will not go down well with some people and I think I totally agree with him.

Kindly drop your opinions in the comments box.

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